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Hardwood Lumber from 4/4 through 16/4

Perhaps you enjoy your woodlands for its inherent natural beauty, privacy from neighbors, for hunting or fishing, or for its potential source of incomeā€¦

Did you realize your woodlot can also be managed as a cash crop?

Our professional foresters have a combined 85+ years experience and they can help you manage your forest for present and future use.

Forest Management is the scientific process of selectively harvesting trees to encourage healthy, vigorous growth of the remaining trees. Proper management provides the following:

  • Faster growth and better quality of trees
  • Better wildlife habitat and increase in food and cover
  • Higher returns to the landowner
  • Less loss of trees due to insects and disease
  • Better access to your property
  • Greater owner satisfaction

A woodlot that is managed properly can be harvested every 5 to 15 years. Overharvesting can delay another harvest for 60 to 100 years! Let our experts in Professional Forest Management work with you to achieve the maximum benefit from your woodlands. To encourage healthy management, we offer these services to private woodlot owners at no cost to you.

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